Let’s Work Together


Over twenty years of development and success in the field of advertising and media, AIT is one of the leading professional advertising companies in Vietnam.

Our mission is to increase brand value for customers while “brighten customers’ trademark” in the market.

We are proud to provide our customers with brand-consulting, marketing, advertising, media, printing and promotional gifts, and event organization with market-leading service quality in Vietnam.


The architectural interior and exterior of showrooms designed and constructed by AIT indicate the professionalism, scale and brand value of customers.


AIT is currently developing the largest network of outdoor billboards all over the country, with various types of billboards, signboards, LED screen, lightbox …


AIT is one of the few companies producing advertising equipment in Vietnam that has passed stringent product quality standards to qualify for exporting to major markets in Europe and Asia-Pacific Region.


AIT commits to always bring customers the most unique, majestic events with the highest quality thanks to our professional Designers, Event Organization team and advertising equipment production team.


Production of exhibition and display equipment is one of AIT’s strengths. We are proud to be a supplier of top quality exhibition and display equipment for big domestic and oversea companies.


AIT prides ourselves on providing high quality and reasonably priced printing products. Besides, AIT also produces and provides unique and premium promotional gifts for businesses.


For businesses, brand communication plays an important role in business strategy. Understanding the needs of customers, AIT consults and provides innovative communication – public relation solutions with high efficiency.



Nhat Huy Anh - Lam Dong has received the support and companionship of AIT in the process of designing - constructing the facade and interior of the showroom. This is an important milestone, as a premise for Nhat Huy Anh to enter a new and better business period. Nhat Huy Anh would like to express his sincere thanks to AIT for your enthusiastic and professional support, helping Nhat Huy Anh to have a beautiful, luxurious and grandiose showroom to confidently embark on a promising business journey with good prospects. Once again thank you and wish AIT 25 year-old to achieve more success and development. Best regards!

Nhat Huy Anh - PVN Dealer

We know that AIT is a brilliant manufacturer and exporter of brand identity equipment to the international market, so when I cooperate with AIT, I am completely assured and have high hopes for the quality of products and services. And AIT did not disappoint us because the interior and exterior decoration products of the showroom were very beautiful and sharp, especially the floating logo set made me extremely satisfied with its certainty, durability and elegance. Piaggio Ngoc Thanh – Nha Trang would like to express our deepest thanks and hope for a future of stronger cooperation with AIT. Sincerely thank!

Nguyễn Ngọc Thanh Business Onwer - Ngoc Thanh PVN Dealer

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of establishment of AIT 1996 - 2021, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Cong Thanh Trading Co., Ltd., I would like to send my best wishes to the entire Board of Directors and staff of AIT Advertising Company. After 25 years of establishment and development, AIT has always proved its capacity and prestige in the field of advertising and interior decoration. Especially when designing and constructing for Piaggio Dealers according to C.I. Motoplex Standards. Under the skillful and professional hands of a team of engineers, skilled staff of AIT Company, many luxurious and classy Piaggio showrooms have been designed and decorated to bring customers sublimated emotions when they come and experience the service at Piaggio Cong Thanh dealer. Once again, Cong Thanh Trading Co., Ltd would like to send best wishes to the Board of Directors and all staffs of AIT. Wish AIT always develop stronger, bring customers high quality services and achieve higher results in business as well as maintain a pioneering position in the Vietnamese market. Sincerely thank you!

Nguyễn Tuấn Anh Director - Cong Thanh - PVN Dealer

LETTER OF APPRECIATION & CONGRATULATIONS Dear: Hanoi Commercial and Industrial Advertising Co., Ltd Piaggio Dealer Trang Le is pleased to announce that Trang Le won the Piaggio Dealer with the Best Motoplex Store in 2020. Upon receiving this news, we would like to express our sincere thanks to AIT, AIT has accompanied and contributed significantly in the period of brand positioning, showroom renovation and helping Trang Le completely transform. We thank you for your professionalism and dedication to help us win this prestigious award. Once again, thank you very much and share the good news with your company. Best regards!

Trang Lê - Piaggio Dealer

Dear Ms. Lien and AIT Team – Our Precious Friends! You must be very excited and busy during these days to celebrate the 25th Anniversary with many commemorative activities and I’m sure that You are so proud to honor this great event since you have gone through a long journey together with many difficulties and challenges. Certainly, there will be many Partners who want to congratulate you and I am just one of them. There’s been a long adventure of development and cooperation between AIT and Piaggio Vietnam that doesn’t cease to make me feel excited every time I think about it. In fact, the milestones and the successes that we have built and reached together have a special meaning. AIT has contributed to "brightening the brand" of Piaggio Group in Vietnam and all other Asian Countries, confirming Your motto, with outstanding projects that developed the our brand identity with interior and exterior equipment for most of the Showrooms of Piaggio Vietnam and Piaggio Asia Pacific. Besides that, You have also accompanied, supported and successfully organized many important events for our Group. To me, AIT is not only a brave and responsible Partner, but also a close Friend who wholeheartedly devotes themselves in every step of the development of Piaggio Group. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to AIT for the strong commitment useful to our development. Therefore, giving You the utmost confidence, I’m happy to wish You all the greatest success also for the coming years and like a famous Vietnamese saying states: "Strengthen your hands and overcome the waves" to reach new heights of victory!

Gaetano Pignataro Head of APAC Network Development & Trade Marketing

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of establishment, Toyota Son La Dealer would like to send best wishes to the Board of Directors, and all staff of AIT Advertising Company. We understand that AIT has had a long journey of efforts and overcome many challenges to achieve the success it is today, as well as how you have conquered Toyota Vietnam and Toyota Son La. Once again, Toyota Son La congratulates AIT, wishes AIT to continue to step up and develop to reach the international market. Best regards!

Ngo Tuyet Ngan General Director

Toyota Hoa Binh would like to send best wishes to AIT on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. This is also an opportunity for us to express our sincere thanks to your company for accompanying and supporting us for all this time. After working with AIT, we have understood the reason why Toyota Vietnam has chosen AIT as one of the suppliers in Vietnam. AIT is really professional, from usual daily contacting to cooperation, consulting, production. Production and installation are very proactive, cooperative and respect our opinions. We highly appreciate AIT’s ability and responsibility in the Vietnamese market. Wish AIT more and more development, prosperity, and reach beyond. Sincerely thank!

Đinh Quang Tuan General Director

Happy 25th birthday, Toyota Ha Dong would like to wish AIT Advertising Company more and more development, prosperity and constantly reaching out. Fortunately, Toyota Ha Dong and AIT have had the opportunity to accompany each other for all this time. We are extremely satisfied with the Mark/Logo products and services provided by AIT. We especially appreciate the professional working style, enthusiastic spirit, ability to deal with and handle situations flexibly and efficiently. That is the premise for us to trust and entrust our brand to AIT. Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to AIT and hope for a stronger cooperation in the future! Best regards!

Honda Automobile Bac Giang - Dinh Ke is a Honda Automobile Dealer opened since 2019. During its operation, we have also received a lot of support in terms of construction of advertising publications of Honda Vietnam from the company - Hanoi Advertising Trade and Industrial Co., Ltd. The first impression when working with AIT is the dedication, enthusiasm and responsibility of the construction team when working: always on time, good technical construction, and when problems arise, always support the Dealer promptly and thoughtfully. We believe that, in order to have such a good customer service staff, the Board of Directors of AIT has always paid attention and provided training to the company's employees and their work very carefully. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of AIT, Honda Auto Bac Giang - Dinh Ke would like to send deep thanks and best wishes to the company's leaders. Hope that the company is growing stronger and is always the first choice of clients.

Honda Auto Showroom Quang Binh - Dong Hoi would like to send to AIT Group the best wishes on the 25th anniversary of its establishment. Wish the company growing stronger and the partnership between the two sides more and more sustainable.

Thanh Hoa Honda Automobile Dealer is honnored to send our best wishes to you! In the last coorperation, thanks to the opportunity and the dedication of your employees, we have had made an impression on our potential customers. This is a promising relationship that we really appriciate! Wish your company achieve new greater changes, better services and receive more orders from clients!

Thanh Hoa Honda Automobile Dealer